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The Agency is excited to share the opportunity to expand the visioning of the Gateway Project to include the broader areas between the 99 corridors and Talent Avenue. As the first stage of the Gateway Site is completed, Agency staff has returned to the original Agency vision and expanded the Gateway area to include areas originally proposed in Urban Renewal Agency meetings throughout 2016 and early-2017. This area specifically includes the following properties between the 99-corridor and Talent Avenue in the Gateway to Talent visioning area:

Gateway Visioning

To help envision this large area, the Agency has identified Salazar Architect, Inc. to oversee the community-led visioning of the larger area. Salazar Architect creates public interest designs rich in character and affordable to build. Salazar Architect’s mission-driven approach integrates community and sustainable design methods with a deep understanding of how materials, forms, and systems affect the well-being of communities. Following the Almeda Fire, much of this area within the map above was demolished, and the Agency believes that having an experienced, long-range architecture firm to help solicit the community vision of the area within community-led engagement activities will pave the way to the revitalization of the area for years to come. Salazar Architect has a rich history of community engagement. According to their website, “While Salazar Architect designs a lot of housing, we are not a housing firm. It’s our vehicle to engage with community-based organizations who are focused on empowering their members. Our pro-bono and ‘low-bono’ work with these grassroots groups helped launch the firm in 2007 and today we regularly donate hundreds of hours to non-profits as part of the One+ architecture program. We also collaborate with university sponsored programs that help educate the next generation of public interest designers. In 2019 Salazar Architect donated 900 hours, equivalent to over 4% of the firm’s time for the year.” The firm also has a rich history of public engagement workshops across the West coast. The visioning sessions held by their team will be both in English and Spanish.

Salazar Architect has partnered with Place It! to help lead the interactive, hands-on workshops in Talent. You can learn more about Place It! previous projects and methods at the following links and You can also visit their website online at

Dream Play Build
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