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At the May 16, 2023, Special Elections, City of Talent voters advised the City of Talent that they did not want the City to move forward with the proposed urban renewal financing for the Almeda Fire Recovery and Revitalization Plan. What does that mean for the plan?

Rather than move forward with adopting the plan, the City will prioritize which specific projects are the most important to accomplish now, and then will work on individual funding plans for those projects - i.e. the city will start accomplishing the projects on a case-by-case basis.

In the meantime, the Urban Renewal Agency will continue our focus on supporting local businesses and infrastructure within the current urban renewal area. 

Grant opportunities available!

The current urban renewal area

Looking to improve the front of your business? Want to plant a tree at your home? We have a grant for that!

  • Our Revitalization Grantoffers up to $15,000 for businesses or commercial property owners to improve their property.

  • Our Beautification Grant offers up to $500 to plant one or more trees on your property - residential or commerical. 

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